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Join the Pine Seed community and let's work together to make the world a better place

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Pine Seed


It is a real BLOCKCHAIN project that has a real counterpart in the world

As the name suggests, Pine Seed is a blockchain project managed by community members who have a real counterpart, apart from promises and meme projects, by creating high technology with environmental solutions in order to make the world more livable

The purpose of the PSED token is to increase environmental awareness, to warn societies against famine, drought and climate changes in the world, to raise awareness and to provide donation technologies to non-governmental organizations, and with our community memberships, we will spread seeds all over the world to make the world greener.

White Paper

How to Buy Pine Seed (PSED)

  • Download Trust Wallet or Metamask to your phone/tablet or desktop browser.
  • Convert your BNB into Binance Smart Chain
  • Head over to your wallet browser and open pancakeswap
  • On the top right connect your wallet to Pancakeswap.
  • On the first currency tab select BNB
  • Click on the second currency tab and paste PSED contract address 0x915ceE0A5106cA8426D491a55Bef64D8847c2B94 then add Pine Seed (PSED) to your wallet
  • Set slippage tolerance to 8%. If 8% doesn't work keep going up until 12%.
  • Swap your BNB currency into PSED

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Pine Seed

It is a real BLOCKCHAIN project that has a real counterpart in the world

  • Pine Seed is a blockchain project that fights global warming, forest fires, natural disasters, and rant wars.
  • By becoming a member of Pine Seed, you can manage the community and share ideas and advice with other members.
  • Pine Seed has a completely transparent and genuinely active community.
  • Pine Seed develops financial policies to protect investors.
  • It makes everyone who buys PSED the opportunity to have a digital wallet signed certificate and a real coin with high profitability.

Pine Seed

Road Map

  • Coinmarketcap Listing
  • Coingecko Listing
  • Choosing the type of seeds to plant
  • Determining the location of the seeds to be planted
  • Providing preliminary meetings with the non-governmental organizations to be donated
  • Environmentalist blockchain integration with environmentalist foundations and associations
  • Publishing the manifestos of the decisions taken by our community on a monthly and annual regularly

Pine Seed

Token Information

  • Name : Pine Seed
  • Symbol : PSED
  • Total Supply : 999.999.999.999
1 PSED = 0.000015 BNB

Complete The Following Simple Tasks Earn $50 In PSED Tokens!

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Pine Seed

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